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The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Peter Drucker

We can deliver our services anywhere in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific. We specialize in working with you to set up communication channels and processes that run at your site. That way your most urgent work can be carried out remotely, rapidly, and at a lower cost to you. We routinely adjust our services so that they leverage the performance resources you already have in place.

Free Introductory Mini Performance Evaluation — To introduce you to our capabilities at, we encourage you to learn more about our free mini-evaluation based on the Performance Audit Litany and on the T4 & Friends methodology. to top

Sizing / Consolidation Planning / Transition to New Platforms — At any of these important transition points, can develop specific recommendations for sizing the system that will meet your needs. Or we can serve as a second opinion and a check and balance for the projected performance of any proposed replacement systems that you are evaluating. to top

Post-Upgrade Evaluations — Our proven "Before-and-After" methods make it possible to deliver near-real-time evaluations and detailed comparisons any time a change happens on your system whether it be upgrading hardware, moving to a new version of software, adding new users or new applications, or experiencing externally caused changes in load. These evaluations can be planned in advance when preparing for major hardware upgrades or other significant changes. They can also be ad hoc, after-the-fact reviews when experiencing some unplanned change — as long as a suitable performance history has been put into place beforehand. to top

Headroom Assessment We can evaluate your performance history, assess available headroom and make sure that the old saying “The trend is your friend” applies to your most important systems. We have extensive experience in providing these assessments for the toughest cases with systems experiencing explosive growth. to top

Application Optimization, Application Instrumentation, & Application Performance Requirement Setting — It’s quite common to find that the most serious performance problems and the most amazing opportunities for performance improvement are located at the software application level. Working with your application programmers and designers, can help you uncover the application bottleneck and recommend solutions, which in many cases offer order of magnitude improvements in delivered performance. We can also help you deal with performance issues arising from third party application providers. to top

Data Collector Design of Readily Reusable Data — Most data collectors save their data in a unique proprietary format. This means that only the analysis and reporting capabilities that were originally conceived when the collector was designed are available for your use. We can show you how to speedily remedy this situation and make those vital statistics readily available for other uses, specifically including 1) how to make it possible to use TLViz and CSVPNG and other “friends” of T4 to extend your analysis and reporting capabilities, and 2) how to integrate data from these proprietary collectors with other T4 data. to top

Multi-Source Performance Data Integration & Correlation — We will show you how best to integrate your separate data sources into a usable whole that then permits effective and powerful cross-correlations between the independent collection agents. We call this ready re-usability and it is a key building block of our approach to performance. The integration we are talking about here includes the case where vital business data such as throughput and response time and system data can be combined together and examined for correlation. to top

Performance Visualization & Expert Trend Analysis — We can train you how to achieve the greatest productivity, time-saving, and depth of analysis when examining multi-dimensional trend data drawn from different sources. You can call on us to carry out a detailed trend analysis or to offer a second opinion to one you have created yourself. Due to the collaborative nature of the T4 & Friends approach, we can also arrange to examine the trends together, either in person or remotely using a web based interface such as NetMeeting. to top

Additional Services Offered — You can find additional services here. to top

Creating increasing value through performance

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